Katerina SIMEONI


The strength of a network of Consultants & Experts at the service of the Human 

Cries of the Heart. 

These are cries of the heart launched by a generation demotivated by the different issues around the company and the human who urged me to create a network of Experts and Consultants "inspiring & motivating" specialized in the Strategies of Performance & Health at Work.

Human Capital at the heart of the performance. 

Human Capital is the set of capabilities to produce of individual. This set consists of elements as diverse as education, training, skills development or health status. Human capital therefore has a direct impact on economic growth and allows to upgrade the potential of the individual. 
Training and skills development facilitate access to the job market and thus improve their living conditions and future prospects.
Human Capital is therefore a central point in development cooperation.

It is on this analysis and these "cries of the heart" that I founded ELLA HR. 

ELLA HR has developed global solutions online for businesses and individuals. 
Our profits are destined for the development of our activities that help the development of Human Capital. 
The results of ELLA HR collaborates directly on this development, brings new strengths and a better balance of public and private expenses. 
For individuals, a model of voluntary coaching, free of any obligation and constraint, with the possibility of choosing his coach, has proven that it considerably increases the success rate of return to work.

New technologies & collective intelligence. 

ELLA HR integrates new technologies on a high lever IT platform. ELLA HR plays an educational role, allows to remain innovative and to adapt the existing ideas to the needs thanks to the collective intelligence.
ELLA HR finds its strength in collaborative work, collective intelligence and new technologies. They maximize the creativity and efficiency of a group associated with large projects. 

ELLA HR is an independent Swiss company. It creates economic value by creating societal value with the passion and compassion required to create a fairer and more just world.

ELLA HR belongs to the Human and will live thanks to the solidarity. 

I intensively deploy my energies to select elite business groups of Consultants & Experts, in different cities, to solve the problems of companies with high stakes, which share the same values and which place, like me, the human at the center concerns. 

"Give a meaning into your actions and do it with commitment and humanity." Katerina SIMEONI, Founder